We were second time parents trying for a VBAC. Heidi is so easy to work with and has such a great, positive energy. Our preschooler loves her too. We ended up with a repeat cesarean for a footling breech. Heidi was such a great support through the pregnancy as we tried a version to flip baby and looked for information about allowing spontaneous labor with a breech. When my labor started in the middle of the night she was so responsive and came to the house as we tried to decide if it was time to head into the hospital. Being in active labor in the triage room was made so much easier by her support. If another baby is in our future we would definitely use her again!
— Lauren
My birthing experience with the help and support of Heidi was nothing short of amazing. She is such a warm gentle hearted Doula who really aided to my needs during birth. Even after birth and now in my postpartum journey, she’s been absolutely great.
— Tatiana
We used Heidi for our first birth and cannot say enough good things about working with her. We could not have done it without her. Heidi’s nursing background and acupressure training were invaluable, and she is constantly adding to her repertoire with additional training. More than anything, she is a genuinely good person who cares about her clients. We went more than a week overdue, and had to have an emergency c-section after 15+hours of labor, and she was so supportive, going above and beyond.
I know a big part of choosing a Doula is personality match. If you are a type A personality that likes direct communication (gently given) Heidi is a perfect match. She is prepared and informed, and listens to her clients needs without pushing you on her own agenda.
— Stephanie
Thank you Heidi!!!!!!!!! We are so appreciative of everything you have done for us! You helped us get through/experience our miracle. Thank you for your guidance throughout this whole process. Hubs and I rave about you when telling our birth story. We know we made the best choice in picking you as our Doula. It is easy to see that you enjoy what you do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
— Michelle
I was very excited when I found out that Heidi would be one of my Doulas for my birth and I honestly can say I don’t know what I would’ve done without her!! She is a great spirited person and was wonderful with guiding me and also flowing with what I wanted as my labor progressed. I also really liked that when I was just giving in to the surges and not wanting to move she would encourage me to do exercises. I’m the kind of person that needs a little push so that was perfect for me. Overall it was a beautiful experience!
— Danielis

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