Why Hire a Doula?

Physical Support

Labor positions, rebozo skills, acupressure, counter pressure, optimal fetal positioning, chest-feeding support, baby-wearing, postpartum support, and much more can be provided by a Doula. Regardless of a parents choices on how to birth, whether medicated or not, a Doula can help in the labor process by providing comfort measures and education. Your Doula's role is to never replace your birth partner but to also support them. 

Emotional Support

Doulas are there to listen to your hopes, fears and worries, and can be a guide for your emotional journey through the childbearing year. Doulas present non-judgmental support for you during this time. 


Parents can be overwhelmed by all of the information our society shares. Doulas help cut through the noise and provide evidence based and non judgmental education. Hiring a Doula does not substitute for high quality childbirth education but your Doula can help you find a class that fits for you.

With education, a Doula can help empower each person to advocate for themselves. A Doulas role is not to speak for a laboring parent, but to help remind them of their choices and encourage them to speak up. Doulas never advocate that you go against your care providers guidance, but help facilitate your choices and add to your birth team. 

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