Heidi Blanton-Pohl, Professional Birth Doula & Photographer Photo by  Focus on Joy Photography

Heidi Blanton-Pohl, Professional Birth Doula & Photographer
Photo by Focus on Joy Photography


Congratulations on your pregnancy! At Heart of Virginia Birth Services, Heidi Blanton-Pohl is always honored and humbled to be invited on this journey bringing life into this world. She believes that with each birth there is positive change in the world and she is always honored to be a birth participant. 

In 2014, after supporting friends and family with their birth journeys, Heidi became a professional Birth Doula and shortly after opened Heart of Virginia Birth Services. Since then, Heart of Virginia Birth Services has supported births in various circumstances - always with the laborer's hopes and wishes in mind. Heidi enjoys prenatal meetings so that she can understand and therefore empower birth partners through education for the upcoming birth and postpartum; helping parents and partners navigate their journey is her favorite part of being a doula. Heidi is experienced in support for: water birth, cesarean birth, non-medicated, and medicated births. Heidi is trained in Acupressure for Labor & Delivery, Spinning Babies techniques, and has Rebozo experience. Heidi also has a background in nursing as well as early childhood development. The goal of Heart of Virginia Birth Services is to help support each laborer in their optimal birth, free of judgment. 

In 2018 Heart of Virginia Birth Services began offering Birth Photography. Heidi has always had a passion for photography and realized the intimate pictures she snapped during births were leading her to pursue her photography passion professionally. Heidi is excited to capture these precious, once in a lifetime moments.

In 2019, Heidi became a Professional Postpartum Doula. After supporting many families of varying circumstance as a Nanny/aunt/friend, Heidi wanted more knowledge. Recognizing the transition into the fourth trimester or early parenthood, is not always easy, she is happy to help navigate and support that transition, free of judgement. Heart of Virginia Birth services is happy to expand support to the postpartum time.

Heidi has lived in the Richmond area since 2007. She and her husband, Danny, live in downtown Richmond. You can find them frequently at local festivals and when Heidi is not at a birth, you can find her in the kitchen cooking for friends with her dog at her feet. She always has her camera nearby!